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Updated: 4/11/2018

Gary Curtis, Pastor:

I want to take the opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year!    

Preacher Gary 

Tabitha Ashley, Outreach Team:

I apologize for the website being so out of date. I have been battling illnesses since September 2017, under went surgery, and recovery with a few complications. Currently I am working to get things back to working order and up-to-date. Some changes may happen soon and others may take a bit longer as gathering information and getting it formatted for the website takes a bit of time. My health is still improving and I appreciate all the prayers and continued prayers as I recover still and rebuild my immune system so life can return to normal for me. If you find broken links, please email me at with the topic of "GRBC Website" in the subject line for faster response. Thank you for your patience.


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